Welcome to the hobby!!

Our field is open all year round although we usually do not fly at the field in the winter months. You are more than welcome to stop for a visit anytime. Weekends are usually when members come and fly.

Here are the steps you need to complete before enjoying this privilege (Please don’t let these steps discourage you: We can help!)

  1. You need to be a member of the LAM club (Yearly membership)


  1. You require some insurance our association: maac.ca (Yearly membership)
    • Introductory (3 months) $19.95
    • Open $80 for the current year (or any portion), or $216 for the current year (or any portion) plus 2 years
    • Spousal/Common-law $50 for the current year (or any portion) or $150 for the current year (or any portion) plus 2 years
    • Junior $10 or $21 with magazine

Fees shown above do not include applicable GST or HST.
All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.
Bi-monthly publication is supplied to members commencing at renewal or date joined.


  1. You will need to complete your Basic RPAS certification. (One time thing).
    • Fee: $10
    • Required for any model above 250g and up to 25kg.
    • Required for anybody 14 years of age and older.
    • Basic RPAS Exam LINK .


  1. The models you fly need to be registered with Transport Canada (one per models)
    • Fee: $5 per model.
    • Registering your model LINK.


  1. Pick your trainer plane.
    • Option 1


Apprentice 1.5m RTF LINK  – $329.99 USD


Perfect plane for learning to fly RC planes. It is equipped with SAFE Technology and comes with a Transmitter. Ready to go out of the box.

    • Option 2

You can buy the Apprentice separately and a programmable transmitter like the Spektrum DX6e. It is a bit more money up front, but a better investment as the DX6e will allow you to fly more complex airplanes up to 6 channels.


Apprentice 1.5m BNF LINK  –  $299.99 USD

Spektrum DX6e LINK$249.99 USD

We recommend contacting the Lakehead Models store located on Bay street for any order made with Horizon Hobby. You will save the shipping cost.

Look in the classified section of RC forums (www.rcgroups.com, www.rccanada.ca) where you could possibly find a used Spektrum transmitter for a lot cheaper than brand new. Same thing goes for the plane, LiPo charger and other tool/accessories. Please be careful before buying a used plane. Ask for recommendation from one of our members. Not all planes are good trainers.

For any questions, please fill free to contact us on our Facebook page or via our contact page